GIA North has been appointed to consult across Daylight and Sunlight and provide CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Wind Analysis for a huge, newly proposed development in Salford Quays.

The Salford area has become one of the most expensive and desired areas to live in the UK. The proposal at Cotton Quay will deliver over 1400 residential units and 485 hotel bedrooms in buildings of up to 47 storeys and provide a pedestrian promenade, floating gardens and waterside commercial units to create a destination waterfront public space for the wider community to enjoy.

Two “flagship” towers are planned for the Pier’s western end, one of 36 storeys and the other at 47; these will contain 496 apartments for private sale between them. If built, the 47-storey tower, the same height as Manchester’s Beetham Tower, at 169 metres and the second tallest after Deansgate Square at 201 metres will be the tallest structure in the Quays

GIA North Managing Partner Sam Wallis noted, “The need for our services across the area is in greater demand, particularly as buildings are getting taller. The necessity of Wind Analysis is now an integral part of the planning process falling under the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) where we are now consulting on 17 projects using CFD technology. This allows us to produce extensive detail on the wind flows, which highlights any potential issues and provides commercial and innovative mitigation solutions for development”

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