Project Description

Tower Works, Leeds

GIA were appointed to carry out wind microclimate analysis of the proposed Tower Works development in Leeds

As a local authority, Leeds are particularly cautious around the wind impact that new tall buildings can have on the safety of ground level pedestrians.

Established safety and comfort categories, to classify wind conditions, are used to assess if the conditions created by the development are suitable. This includes analysis of wind strength for pedestrians when sitting, walking or cycling around the surrounding area on thoroughfares, roads or leisure ‘dwell’ spaces heavily utilised in the summer months.

tower works leeds wind analysis

Computer simulations were carried out using benchmark wind data to understand the existing wind speed and direction, and how the introduction of the new development could interrupt the wind flow and create unsafe of uncomfortable conditions.

In this instance no significant adverse effects due to the Tower Works development were identified and no wind mitigation was required saving time, costs and avoiding the need for complex planning conditions.

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